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  • What have they done??? 😨

  • I think he over cooked the beef🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Tirso Perez MillanTirso Perez MillanÓrája
  • Glass exploding is unintendtionaly accurate. If u Remember Mace Windu vs Palpatine Scene From Revenge of the sith.

    Oli TagguOli TagguÓrája
  • not bad but still miles away from a real light saber.

  • iPhone 12

    Mohjap SinghMohjap SinghÓrája
  • Well will these guys get to the point where the governments like aight u need to stop

    Narwhaleian 'sNarwhaleian 'sÓrája
  • Wow crazyy. If you make it more fluid it would be so awesome !!

  • Star war yahoo

    Ahmed KarrarAhmed Karrar2 órája
  • High powered blow touch but still really cool

    NathanNathan2 órája
  • I can think of many misusing of that haha but cool base line for lightsabers :)

    Ryan JarvisRyan Jarvis2 órája
  • This guy is a legend

    GoldSamurai XGoldinGoldSamurai XGoldin2 órája
  • Losers

    R. L.R. L.2 órája
  • This is fail...

    Shut Up MotovlogShut Up Motovlog2 órája
  • 1:04 cardboard wall collapse

    Red BowRed Bow2 órája
  • I thought he was going to say "...And not everyone is fortunate to live in Canada..."

    J BroadJ Broad2 órája
  • 4000 is still not enough, let us make it to 20000 degree so that it cuts instant

    Bruce WangBruce Wang2 órája
  • Unbreakable box?

    don mohammeddon mohammed3 órája
  • this video made my hopes for humanity soooo much higher

    MrHastyBastyMrHastyBasty3 órája
  • at least you can cook with the light saber

    Ezriel Jhun TorresEzriel Jhun Torres3 órája
  • This is what makes youtube great!

    Marcus LjunggrenMarcus Ljunggren3 órája
  • How hot must the lightsaber be to cut things as fast as in movies?

    S VS V4 órája
  • Imagine being George Lucas rn

    Guy ManGuy Man4 órája
  • A true Jedi, these ones are. Strong in the Force, they must be. Great pride, do they bring.

    Bryce McKenzieBryce McKenzie4 órája
  • Try lightsaber to your brickwalls

    Ozku222 PlayzOzku222 Playz4 órája
  • It's just an over complicated flamethrower that just shoots in one direction

    MasterDestroyer422MasterDestroyer4225 órája
  • I was Here-IronMan

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  • Can we get this man some welding gloves?

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  • Alright how do I apply for job at hacksmith industries

    Gurudatt GaonkarGurudatt Gaonkar5 órája
  • Imagine a home invasion with this

    cashbag2012cashbag20125 órája
  • That, was the coolest thing I've ever seen, and no I dont live under a rock....lol

    Michael MitchellMichael Mitchell5 órája
  • they were trying to make a real life lightsaber and end up making the ghost busters gun lol

  • What if instead of propane, you use acetylene?👀

    Julian789Julian7895 órája
  • This is a "PLASMA THROWER"

    John NJohn N5 órája
  • Alternate title: A Nerd's Fantasy

    John NJohn N5 órája
  • If these dudes ever rob a bank

    The Most Random Gamer 2020The Most Random Gamer 20205 órája
  • I asked a Navy Electronics Technician Instructor if building a light saber was possible 2 different times and both times hos answer was not NO. He said containing the power source in a something the size of a flash light would be difficult Like if you ever met Victor Harjak

    Walter Reed JrWalter Reed Jr5 órája
  • No way that those are the real sounds coming from the saber, because if they are...

    Aaron MoyerAaron Moyer6 órája
  • I get the chills when he holds it close to his head geez 😬

    Issac IndigoIssac Indigo6 órája
  • Grown men have fun with the worlds greatest welder

    Trash PandouTrash Pandou6 órája
  • Amazing! This is truly epic

    Kolby AdamsKolby Adams6 órája
  • How people that like well done steak cook their meat 3:41

    bob wiltonbob wilton6 órája
  • Sand use sand it will turn in to glass

    Dante NunezDante Nunez6 órája
  • Beware! III world war spoilers!

    DominikDominik6 órája
  • Ok that's nice but what about blasters?

    Brandon PrendergastBrandon Prendergast6 órája
  • My Fellow Jedi counsel... we are almost there to becoming real Jedi , May the Forde be with you and GodSpeed

    Nathan GrancianoNathan Granciano6 órája
  • I think its awesome

    DominikDominik6 órája
  • Few years later we will see the real lightsaber

    Георгий БашунГеоргий Башун6 órája
  • Bro but Ivan the head part is freaking awesome it's like the most awesome thing I've seen

    ahoz28ahoz286 órája
  • If I had a lightsaber I’d destroy civilization as we know it. And buy a bunch of bulletproof vests Bcs I’m un athletic as hell

    Hentai protagonist 2020Hentai protagonist 20207 órája
  • Imagine somebody breaks into your house, you lock yourself in a panic room and think your safe. Then you see this 2:21

    JustinJustin7 órája
  • Me when I find my crush’s room 1:40

    A MA M7 órája
  • It’s like a beefed up version of a flame thrower that focus every on one exact point,

    alex solorzanoalex solorzano7 órája
  • No mess with these guys or u are dead in about 20 ways

    Fast FreddyFast Freddy7 órája
  • Imagine a light saber in an RPG *"you have equipped lv1 [GLOWING STICK]"*

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  • Now build a second one and duel

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  • My wife

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  • That is welding man 😅

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  • What is destroy is Your mom

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  • That's not a lightsaber it's a plasma beam gun ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Bish LasagnagaBish Lasagnaga7 órája
  • The silver wall things look like you could tap it with ur pinky finger and it would fly across the room

    molly quinnmolly quinn7 órája
  • Uses it to smash small glass windows ... lul

    Musashi MiyamotoMusashi Miyamoto8 órája
  • Cool gadget, but what's the point of inventing and creating this gadgets if you are affraid to become a HERO and use them in real life........That's what real heroes do.

    dark hunterdark hunter8 órája
  • The use army drunkenly: but can we weaponized it?

    Sapphire HannibalSapphire Hannibal8 órája
  • You should make a flame retardant jedi outfit to go with it!

    Kirito YagamiKirito Yagami8 órája
  • Seems more like a flame thrower of sorts... Your not emitting the light on its own... Its being fed gas.. Still cool but lmk when you master the real thing

    David SmithDavid Smith8 órája
  • I would like to see the actual video without any sound effects...

    hame6 hame6hame6 hame68 órája
  • To make a genuine lightsaber you need to create a path for solid state light, the plasma is to unstable still, very impressive build still though. Kudos

    Nick PeganNick Pegan8 órája
  • Are these not just 'proto-sabers'?

    Vnatvralstateofbeing666Vnatvralstateofbeing6668 órája
  • *Top ten banned weapons too brutal for war*

    Generic UsernameGeneric Username8 órája
  • Awesome ! But it lack of one thing . Lightsaber blaster deflection like the prequel

    HaoHean ChanHaoHean Chan8 órája
  • Imagine that on the indestructible box

    PokeFlexPokeFlex8 órája
  • Im a simple man. I see a plasma blade I hit the like button. Also anyone who dislikes this is a sith pawn.

    godssons 69godssons 699 órája
  • Imagine the military using this

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  • Light saver vs air filled tyre

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  • Just how I like my meat cooked Crispy ash meat

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  • Guys im so series how much. I will pay lots of money for one of these makes lmfao. Ik its basically a super op flamethrower but i need it

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  • Car to blast

  • I wanted the far to bast, boring!

  • Big lighter is not a lightsaber sry.

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  • oh yeah...can you make it burn black?

    Trojan ManTrojan Man9 órája
  • the force is strong with this one. id destroy mannequins in suits of armor

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  • No one: Bogden eating the Flesh: 😳

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  • Make two light sabers and have a battle

  • We’ve heard of smoked brisket, but have we heard of sabered brisket

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  • I just realized the Jedi are an order of welders

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  • What if the the backack were smaller and it might be way more cool

    Roshan .RRoshan .R9 órája
  • In a way it reminds me of the time I went on a killing spree in Fallout 3 with the Shishkebab. Good times. Miss my Shishkebab.

    x_roses_and_skulls_xx_roses_and_skulls_x9 órája
  • 2:42 bobas theme blends to republic commando theme then blends to mandalorian theme

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  • i would distroy my mum with a lightsaber

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  • modern flamethrower :(

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  • Id blow up a tire

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  • we all know this is man who will survive 2020

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  • how everyone break windows:rocks how hacksmith break windows: lightsaber

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  • I have seen the future. Only a matter of time before this is perfected.

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  • He hasn't made a lightsaber, rather he has invented an all original weapon: *The Sun Projector*

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  • When do you think the first lightsaber murder will happen

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  • "We know lightsabers can cut off limbs" "Let's test it out on my arms"

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  • The best porn on the internet.

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  • 軍事用兵器 ぐんじようへいき

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